Story of UXHunt

I honestly just needed a repository to store the best design articles I found on the web.

How it all began

UXHunt was first launched on HackerNews, and goodness it received a HN hug of death. Our beautiful GoDaddy servers couldn't handle it. So I recently moved to WebFlow, I must say I love this tool - I haven't really built a lot of projects but this is a completely working project I have launched. Basically I aggregate the articles I read and the UI Kits I like.

Took me about two days to move all the content from WordPress into WebFlow. This is still version 0.0.1 so if you have any suggestion - feel free to message me using the contact form.

recent story

"As a Designer, you never have time to create a portfolio but you always end up having time for side-hustles"

- All designer
recent story

who built this?

Having worked on multiple personal projects so far such as a note-taking app, cryptocurrency app and multiple blogs - UXHunt was one of the most successful side hustle I ever had. Although, due to complexities of time I had to take a step back.

Currently I work for a luxury Ecommerce startup as a UX Designer / Project Manager (startup roles, I tell you!). I specialise in Luxury Ecommerce User Experience and Project Management.

jump right in

As of now, I just have about 6 categories. I'll plan on adding a few more eventually once I get a hang of WebFlow.