Top 5 Figma 3D Icons - March 2021

Our team picked 5 amazing 3D Figma Icons sets this week for your next project, so you don't have to.


There has been a change in the trend recently, we have seen a surge in Designers looking to add character into their designs by using 3D icons. With a most recent survey by UXTools, showed that 66% of Designers are using Figma in 2020 compared to only 37% during 2019. Now mixing only of the most popular UI Design tools with the most recent trend in 3D has made us want to write this article for our fellow designers. With our partnership with we have shortlisted some of the best 3D Figma Icons that you can use for your next project.

3D Animated Abstract Shapes

This kit definitely deserves the number 1 ranking, it's beautiful and unique to pretty much fit with any project. This pack comes with 6 different shapes, 42 static images, 5 colours and 29 looped videos. This pack is our absolute favourite to add character into Social Media posts, Presentations, Promos and even UI.

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3D Isometric Icons

Beautifully handcrafted and high-quality icons created by CoopMade has 90+ icons where you can customise all their colours. In our opinion, if you are looking to create a fun UI that pops with just the right color palette then we would recommend you to blindly check this kit. The keyword we would use for this kit is fun.

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3D Icons by CoopMade

3D Youth Character Pack

A great combination of character with multiple poses and objects that can build a perfect scene to your UI Design. This pack includes pre-built scenes, multiple objects, 2 outfits and 10 poses - along with accessories such as watches, headphones and hats. This pack comes with a .blend file for the 3D enthusiasts to work with multiple angles and lighting.

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3D Workspace Illustrations

A room can be made up of multiple elements such as books, tables, plants, carpet, boards, clock and much more - imagine all of this in one pack. This 3D workspace pack is available for Sketch and Figma; with a .bender file your imagination knows no bound. Create a completely unique room scene or use their remade color style for each room to add a little bit of flavour into your UI designs.

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Abstract 3D Volume 1.

Before we end this article, we would like to feature another abstract pack with over 24 objects. Create a unique composition with a combination of different elements on landing pages, websites, portfolios, presentation and more in just a few seconds. This kit is available for Sketch, Photoshop and Figma.

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