Top 5 UI Kits For Faster Processes

Making your Monday's easier with some handpicked UI Kits to make your process faster.


UI kits are very essential for designers in terms of helping the design process speedrun through the benchmarks set. It just becomes easy for a person who can go into a design knowing that they can just pop an element in the correct place and work through it. And Mondays are tough. UI kits make the process just a wee bit easier. So, without further ado, here’s some of the better ones for you.

Split by Craftwork

This is a Sketch-based UI kit only, so let’s get that out of the way first. But for those of you who have Sketch, this is an absolute gem of a kit, with 60 iOS screens inside with a multitude of screen features and elements that can be broken down into their core components with ease. Oh, and the kit is free, so you don’t need to worry about any investment, either.

Spot by Craftwork

Spot is a mobile UI kit with 25 screens. It is compatible with Figma and Sketch, and is available in the Commercial and Extended UI kits too. The kit contains common elements and components, and helps designers take their design foundation off quickly. It has a modern and full color palette and is a generally versatile pack. It comes in 2 versions, the Commercial pack ($18) and the Extended version ($54).

Universal Icon Set - Solid Style

Iconography is as important as any other type of interfacing, especially since mobile layouts don’t really offer a lot of space to convey and receive information. Because of this, choosing the right icon pack becomes vital. Luckily, the universal icon set delivers. It has 632 icons in 17 categories, and all of them are solid style icons. They’re vector icons, available on Figma as IconJar or SVG or PNG. The pack is available for $35.

CaWe Dashboard UI Kit

The CaWe Dashboard kit is very well detailed, with more than 150 Dark and Light mode screens. It is fully mobile and tablet optimized, and is available on Figma and Sketch. It also has a global style guide, more than 50 separate UI components and the pack also has the icons and font files included. All for the cost of $29.

Prequel by Craftwork

Prequel is a pack that comes with or without coded templates. (There’s an obvious price difference here) The pack has coded templates and podcast template designs. There’s a Figma source with a UI kit, which is how the compatibility is restricted to Figma, HTML and CSS. There are more than 10 pages in the whole pack. The layouts are for desktop orientations. The Design+Code pack costs $38 and the standalone Design pack costs $28.

These are some of the better UI kits out there on the market currently. Some are paid, some are coded as well as designed, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s this: they’ll help you get your work done faster.

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