Top 5 Webflow Courses - 2021

No-code has been booming in 2021, we felt it was just right to share a small list of the best WebFlow courses around the web.


Flux Academy

Flux Academy - Awwwards Nominee

Flux Academy was founded by Ran Segall. The organization is focused around providing Webflow courses, but in a richly detailed and thorough fashion. The courses aim at achieving something that most budding designers dream of - becoming a full fledged, highly functional web designer without going to 4 years of art school. The Academy is nice enough in showing the contents of the courses, and the material seems to be laid out in a very orderly and efficient manner.

The courses are aimed at different target audiences:

  1. The 6-Figure Freelance Designer
  2. The $10k website process
  3. The Webflow Masterclass

The Flux Academy has been courteous enough in giving users the option of paying in installments or a one-time payment. The installments are $278 per month, spread over three months, and the lump sum payment comes to $695, payable before the course begins. To those of you who’d like to sign up, the next available date to enroll is July 28, 2021.

We can’t recommend these courses enough; even the most dedicated individual cannot match up to a whole team of professional creators in mastering an online platform as diverse and varied in terms of features as Webflow. This is one of the big breaks in a person’s career aspirations that they talk about in the movies, people.

Jan Losert’s Course

7 best web design courses of 2021 (free + paid) | Webflow Blog

Maybe you’re a budding designer. Someone who isn’t sure whether they want to go down this path or not. Or maybe you’re just looking to get into the basics of the profession without committing to it. That’s okay. We all get caught up in those binds. And we, at UXHunt, have the solution: Jan Losert’s free Webflow course! The course is available on YouTube and although it’s a little simplistic, we presume anyone with a sliver of interest or passion will be able to piggyback off the course material and sort of spread their wings on Webflow’s incredibly powerful platform.

Losert’s whole MO is clean and simple design, the backbone of every great design, incidentally, and he methodically teaches his whole way through the free online course. His free online course is also very good at solving doubts and getting into those niche problems that only seem to happen to individual users. His channel doesn’t seem to have any affiliations with Webflow, either. Plus, you know, the free online course is, um, free. In case we forgot to mention that.

As a generous bonus, he also has several wonderful UI kits and other design resources to help the usually weary freelance designer. He’s just a top notch creator and designer, and we can’t think highly enough about him.

Webflow 2021 Design Portfolio Course

2021 design portfolio course | Webflow University

A large part of a product being successful is making sure that new users can actually use the product. If the product is complicated or difficult, the firm usually provides user manuals, like the sort you’d get after buying a refrigerator or microwave.

Webflow is the sort of product that is very complicated at first glance. Rarely, it has the ability to turn eager-eyed and excitable designers off the experience entirely. Webflow did manage to find the solution to that, though.

The 2021 Design Portfolio Course aims at teaching newbie designers how to do just that: create a design portfolio and host it live. The course is made up of sections, and the whole process is made exceedingly simple by wonderfully empathetic narration and video lectures that are explained very well. Also, there are the magic words to consider: the course is free. Webflow has done a terrific job with this course.

Webflow 101 Crash Course

Webflow 101 crash course | Webflow University

There’s an old adage: if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. We at UXHunt know this to be true, and Webflow certainly does: they have done a marvellous job of keeping what works and staying true to their mission statement. The 101 Crash Course is short, as you’d expect a crash course to be, but also crystal clear; nowhere did we find ourselves at a loss while going through the course.

The course contents are laid out beautifully, and the course material itself is delivered really well. We can’t recommend it enough. Oh, and the course is free, in case anyone was wondering.



YouTube is a magical place regarding education. The wonderful reviews of multiple educational YouTube creators is proof that students and, at times, teachers, can learn about subjects from a video platform just as well as a textual platform. Regarding Webflow, YouTuber Pixelgeek has done a fabulous job of explaining Webflow features, right down to the doubts that all of us face. He streams videos and uploads them as well, so it makes sense to keep his channel in the loop no matter what you decide to do.

Webflow is an incredibly powerful online platform. Like most other platforms, it can also be the necessary headache it needs to be for a user to use the platform to it’s true potential. But the internet is vast, the internet is awake, and in this case, the internet is kind. All of the aforementioned courses are elite at what they do, which is provide information and help you keep your cool. We trust you’ll find these courses just as enlightening as we found them.

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