Top Crypto UI Kits and 3D Icon Packs for July

Speed things up, make deliverables ahead of time, and thus help you in your work. And that’s all that we can hope for at the end of the day for your next Cryptocurrency design project.


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It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is rapidly growing and becoming more and more flexible throughout the world. Even though online currencies aren’t exactly worth a legal tender, they continue to be growing strong even during down times in their own niche markets. Popularized by the tech industry, software firms decided to start accepting crypto as a financial platform. Spencer Dinwiddie, a basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets, has been a fan of the blockchain technology for some time now, having managed to raise $1.3 million by getting paid in Ethereum. As the platform grows, there are more and more applications and prospective investors interested in jumping ahead to the next new trend. People will want and need to get applications up and running, and for designers, that means accessing some of the better UI kits out there.

Here are some of the best Crypto UI Kits and 3D Icon Sets in the market.

Robot Wallet

Platforms: Figma, Sketch, XD.

Robot is a crypto wallet application design. The kit includes 60 screens and hundreds of components to help you put your vision together faster. The screens cover almost all the features of a crypto application and will make design and development very easy.

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Deficon Crypto 3D Icon Set

Platforms: C4D, Blender

DeFicons - 3D Icon Pack of fully customizable screens and ready to render in C4D (with RedShift) or Blender (Cycles). There are 15 scenes and the icons are available in 2 angles - Front View and Isometric that make customizing that much easier for 3D programs. The icons are really eye-catching and will, quite literally, add a different dimension to your screens.

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BitCloud Crypto Exchange UI Kit

Platforms: Figma, Sketch, XD

BitCloud is a wonderfully thorough UI design kit for Crypto applications and features, including the design files and 3D icons required for screen designs. This pack features interchangeable components that makes it very easy to create individual and different app screens, as well as 400 simple templates for budding designers or even developers to use.

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Crypto Portfolio Tracker UI Kit

Platforms: Figma, Sketch, XD

This Premium UI Kit allows the user to quickly create almost any individual screens required, with elegant prototyping features and neat layouts. There are also more than 70 unique screens for users who need templates and the like.

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NFT Marketplace UI Kit

Platforms: Figma, Sketch

This UI Kit allows the user to create any digital cryptocurrency application as required. The atomic design layout allows the user to experiment with their vision as well. The kit also has dark mode varieties.

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Crypter NFT Marketplace UI Kit

Platforms: Figma, Sketch, XD. Coded versions are available in HTML, CSS, JS + React.

This pack includes fully customized landing page templates with 236 pre-made screens. There is a lot of different content to maximize user customization. Besides the whopping 236 screens, there are also 3D illustrations and the coded versions of the components.

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Coiny Crypto 3D Icon Set

Platforms: Figma, Sketch, Blender

Coiny is a UI pack perfect for established designers who can create their own screens. The pack includes more than 20 customisable 3D icons, high resolution images, premade screens, and it also comes in different colours. The lack of depth may be a slight block for developers and new designers, but it is a nice package that can definitely contribute to the project in the proper scenario.

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Cryptolly Starter Kit

Platforms: Figma

Cryptolly Web & Dashboard UI Kit is a very good kit for creating fast ensign screens and speeding up the development of the product. It has more than 100 components and 10 dashboard and website landing pages premade. The design is fully responsive. The only drawback is the lack of flexibility regarding platforms. It is available only on Figma, which creates a conundrum if prospective buyers are Sketch or Adobe XD users.

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NFT Market UI Kit

Platforms: Figma, Sketch

The NFT Market UI Kit is a wonderfully succinct kit with more than 50 premade screens. It is fully customizable and also has Light and Dark mode versions. The interfaces are fully changeable and the pack allows the users to change the colors and fonts too.

Download Link


We’re digital players in a digital world. This is basically what it all boils down to. Crypto is a digital investing application, NFTs are digital product marketplaces. Art and money, two of the cornerstones of civilizations, have become almost entirely digitized. And as large as these bases are to cover, they will be. Digitization just makes things simple for the vast majority of people.

People are going to need services. Those services will need platforms, and those platforms will need development. But before development comes design. And that’s where you, the reader, come in the picture. The crypto and NFT pie is big, and everyone wants to have a little finger in it. There will be many features to create. New designs, new screens, new flows.

These UI kits were made to help designers with the one invaluable thing: efficiency. They will speed things up, make deliverables ahead of time, and thus help you in your work. And that’s all that we can hope for at the end of the day.

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