Top Freebies for Designers - Part 1 (August)

We love freebies so we wanted to create a list of some of the best freebies that we could source for you.


At any point of time as a Designer, we are looking for freebies to help us add value into our designs - be it for a Dribbble shot, portfolio or presentations. We love freebies so we wanted to create a list of some of the best freebies that we could source for you.

Covid Alert App UI Kit

The reason this Kit is featured first is because of the user journeys they have provided; including Onboarding, Sign up, OTP  and even a solid Home Page. Finding a free UI Kit that supports basic user journeys is hard to find - their layouts comprise of Graphs, News, Chat, Map, Notifications and even Listing Pages.

If you are buying or downloading a UI Kit, it’s important that the UI Kit focuses on basic user journeys because this will help you save time because let’s be honest as a designer we should not over-engineer or reinvest Registration, Login or basic Account screens unless absolutely necessary. As Designers, we should be mindful that users are used to specific journeys on other apps and we should respect that. Having said that, enjoy this beautiful UI Kit.

Made For: Figma

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3D Set of Hands

Available for both Photoshop and Figma - this free asset does justice to the title. This set includes 15 hand illustrations with changeable hand colors including a thumbs up, praying hands, pointing fingers, high-five and much more. If you are someone who does not like to waste time into editing, this set includes .png files that can instantly be dropped into your file.

Made For: Photoshop, Figma and PNG

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Modern Travel App UI

This UI Kit is small but can act as a great starting point for your next Dribbble shot; we would recommend to use this as an inspiration for your next project but not your source of guide. Mostly because the layout limits usage of actual data that is used for such applications; this layout can be a great reference for applications that are more visual such as ‘Pinterest for backpackers’ or ‘Instagram for travelers’ that redirects a user to the source website that will have more information. This UI Kit can also be used for a specific niche e-commerce such as floral, artisanal coffee or as a mobile web version for a niche product.
Unfortunately, this is only available for UX.

Made For: Adobe XD

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Movie Cinema UI Kit

How many times have we dealt with bad UI while booking a movie ticket? If you ever get a project to redesign a cinema booking journey into something more modern - this is your place to start.

Cinema booking is one industry where you can focus on two things - cinema poster visuals and micro details. A Dribbble style approach would work perfectly, and this kit does justice to it. Also, this would be a perfect layout to probably design a responsible web for your portfolio.

Made For: Sketch, Figma

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Money Management UI Kit

Designs of this kit have done as exceptional job in highlighting different use cases for this kit - finance, e-wallet, money tracking, banking and even payments. With dark mode and light mode along with a decent layer structure - you can use this for clients or personal projects. Don’t think twice about this Kit, plus the bonus is the fact that it’s free!

Made For: Figma

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Always remember that

One of the biggest advantage of a UI Kit is that, it’s flexible to be used on any industry. A UI Kit is not one fit all, but rather a starting point or an inspiration towards potentially upgrading your existing designs - these act as inspirations and help you save time.

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