Top UI Kits To Help Designers Get Work Done More Efficiently

UI Kits exist to make our life easier. They do this by straight up giving us the blueprints to the screen structure. So on our end, we took care to curate this list for you!


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Designers toe the line between constant, productive work and warding off a mental block. It’s the pitfall of being in a creative profession. We all know this, and we try our hardest to gain inspiration from different sources throughout the day. It’s a requisite mindset. UI Kits exist to make our life easier. They do this by straight up giving us the blueprints to the screen structure. It’s like watching a heist movie but the protagonist just gets the target house plan halfway through the movie. UI kits help us design faster, design better and just get results more quickly. So without further ado, here’s a nice mixture of some good UI kits out there.

Code Bundle by Craftwork

There are 7 fully coded projects in this wonderful bundle. The prices range from $28 to $68 and are fully programmed. Anyone can buy individual projects too, and they’re built and encoded in Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, CSS and JS.

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Laurent by Craftwork

We like this UI kit so much. It offers so much versatility and so much in terms of the components being interchangeable and varied. The UI kit includes more than 120 blocks in 12 categories to absolutely enthrall users. Oh, and users get lifetime free updates. Almost forgot to mention that.

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Replica by Craftwork

Replica is an Android kit. We feel like it’d be best to get that out of the way, because precious few designs out there are for Android. We also feel like mentioning that this kit is available on InVision, as well as Figma, Sketch and XD. That’s because the kit is compatible with so many softwares, it becomes a resource in and of itself. The screens? Oh, they’re bright, they’re minimal, they’re structured correctly. They’re numerous too, over 90 of them in 9 different categories. Sounds like a winner.

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Basil by Craftwork

Basil is an icon set. It’s free, it’s simple, it’s minimalistic. The “free” part deserves some emphasis here. It has 2 variants, outlined and solid. It’s quite a large icon set, with 500 icons in around 9 categories. The set is available on Figma, Sketch and XD, which pretty much covers all the important bases. It’s worth a designer’s while.

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Design Cell iOS UI Kit

This UI kit is for iOS and Apple interfaces. The kit includes more than 800 elements and 20 ready sample screens. But the screen number isn’t important, the kits offer impossible flexibility with their components. The components are clean, and have been created with dedication, which is something we cannot always say.

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Social App iOS UI Kit

Social media apps, along with digital finance, rule our everyday life. More to the point, they rule the “Trending” section of the AppStore and PlayStore. Social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are already prevalent in everyday routines, and even new apps like Clubhouse are firmly sorted into the media variety. The kit has 49 premium screens and is also compatible with Figma and XD. The components are also customizable.

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Zivri - Online Shop Mobile App UI Kit

The last, but not least, is an e-commerce UI kit. We like it a lot, It has more than 40 screens, and the components are vector based! E-Commerce applications are so big and so utterly necessary that it’s almost impossible to understate the value of a UI kit that caters to that particular type of application. The kit is clean, minimalistic, looks professional and is easily customizable.

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UI kits offer a lot of ease and structure to any designer’s creativity. As designers, we try to make the most out of every resource to make sure the product is as nice as possible. However, most of the aforementioned UI kits are also paid, which makes them a calculated dive. So on our end, we took care to curate this list by quite a bit. The products are good and will definitely be worth your while!

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