Chris talks about being inspired by nature, testing out Behance live to share his illustration process along with Adobe which is yet to be released and his design process.

Chris Hall

Chris talks about being inspired by nature, testing out Behance live to share his illustration process along with Adobe which is yet to be released and his design process.


Start creating more and spend less time overthinking.

Tell us a bit about yourself - where you are from, and just some basic introduction for our readers

I am Chris Hall Draws, an illustrator & content creator from the UK with a passion and love for creating engaging art. You will usually find me either creating in my little studio or taking walks in nature to come up with my next ideas.

What got you into illustrating?

I have always been into art and drawing, but after doing graphic design for quite some years I realised that this was not where my true passion laid. So I gradually over time started transitioning over to illustration, and so far it has gone amazingly well and I am loving every aspect of it!

We noticed all your illustrations have an element of nature to it - what inspires you to draw animals, landscapes and people in relation to it?

I get a huge amount of inspiration from nature. I think this mainly comes from where I live - a small little village in the countryside the UK. There are nature elements around me all the time, and I become very passionate about the colors and textures that I find. I always seem to be drawn to creating illustrations that have a calm relaxing vibe to them. I want the viewer to look at them and be taken away from the crazy pace of modern life for a bit 😊

What work are you particularly proud of and why?

I think my current work I have been doing for Adobe Behance Live steaming. It has been a completely new experience and challenge for me, and has pushed me to create more and spend less time overthinking some of my illustrations.

Do you have a setup or workspace? It could be an inspiration for illustrators to get their creative juices flowing.

I have a small dedicated room in my home which is my little studio space. I do however try to get out and about to illustrate too. I think that's one of the big advantages of using your iPad Pro as the main tool - you can go anywhere with it! And if you have a creative mind block you can just go to a different space. I often will go to local coffee shops or even outside to draw from nature;  but usually when the weather is warmer!

Chris hall draws
Chris Hall Draws

You have a great collection of tutorials on Behance. What inspired you to start uploading them on this platform?

It has been great doing these streaming tutorials on Behance Adobe Live!  It's a service that has not been released yet but will be soon. I have been testing the service out with the Adobe Team using the Adobe Fresco app. It is going to be a fantastic promotion tool for all creatives when it is released, and would encourage any of your readers to check it out.

What is your design process and what tools do you use?

I usually start with a quick rough sketch of the idea I have which I usually do in a little notebook I carry around with my iPad Pro. Then I will start doing a cleaner version sketch before putting down a base colour, working into the illustration over the top with a lot of layers! :-) I use Adobe Fresco, Procreate, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Rush to edit my tutorial videos. In terms of Hardware, I have iMac and iPad Pro with an apple pencil and my iPhone for filming videos.

Would you like to plug something in for the readers - your portfolio, a course or some of your tutorial videos?

If I could plug my Instagram & My Behance steams

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