Digital artist Robert Hruska talks about beauty in glitches, energies & deformity

Robert Hruska

Digital artist Robert Hruska talks about beauty in glitches, energies & deformity


Digital art was without any internet, so that made me more experimental and the process more challenging. The best times of my life!

Tell us a bit about yourself - our readers would like to get to know you!

I’m a 90’s kid from a small country in the middle of Europe – no beaches or cities, just hills and villages! The only thing I ever did growing up was create more of digital art, and designing things from pixels and vectors.

What got you into Digital Art?

I was always into computers as a child. Eventually when playing video games started to grow boring for me, I tried my hand at editing photos and creating images. Back in those says digital art was without any Internet, so that made me more experimental and the process more challenging. The best times of my life!

Your art identity is an interesting mix of glitch categories like Nature, Stars, Light, Energy and so on - which style would you say is your favorite and why?

I don’t think I can pick and choose. I like to explore new, variant styles and/or mix them up. I’ve somehow looked at glitches as a problem, so I added colour into them to make them beautiful and change the perception. I also love to change original subjects of images into abstract, colorful deformations.

Can you tell us a bit about your thought process when you are creating your art - do you imagine how you would like the end product to look or do you go with the flow?

Firstly I explore the colors, and then I look for the shapes. The magic happens when two or more energies collide, so I just go with it to eventually create fascinating art. It’s hard for me sometimes to express how the process looks like, so I just let me art do the talking.

We noticed you also do some great animations & GIF's. Tell us a bit about how you got into that.

I felt that Facebook/Instagram quality of video was always a little glitchy, so I chose Giphy as a platform for my animations. They can be perfectly used for projections, live wallpapers, digital frames, VJ clips or everyday use on social media. I’m happy to say that some of my GIF’s have more than a million views – I’m not sure how, but it sure does motivate me to keep creating!

What kinds of commission requests do you usually get?

Usually people asking me for visuals or covers. I also love and work for music labels. Visualization of the music is one of my favorite to create! I also do fresh cloth designs, posters, stickers or brand logos.

What work/project are you particularly proud of and why?

I’m proud of every single product that I’ve done to be honest. If I had to choose, I’d say the triple grid on my Instagram page is my favorite.

What's your design process, and what tools do you use for your work?

Im old school! A couple years old computer, Photoshop, After Effects and the good old internet. I just deform random photos until I feel like the magic appears. The process takes several day and sometimes weeks. Once a month I choose few images I like best, which I set as final artworks.

Would you like to plug in something for the readers? Your website, your store or maybe a course?

This is my official invitation for lovers of digital art and design to follow me on my journey that I have started. You can have a look at my new styles on my recently launched website:

I recently updated all categories so check me out and feel free to contact me with any question or to just say hello. There is lot of platforms which support artists and show or sell their artworks. Please support them all. It’s very important for the community, because artists supports artists. I hope 2020 will be super for everyone around!

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